LAUGHED AND WANTED TO CRY. Thank you JackIe for giving me a hood and something to think about. My parents were poor and proud, the next door neighbors were poor but not too proud to go to the dental clinic, In my family you were expected to suck up tooth pain. My first trip to the dentiest was as a 12 year old, had to have three root canals. That was also the year I got glasses and discovered trees did not look like lollipops but that most people saw the individual leaves. think my father must have sold some advertizing for his news paper that year, think we also got a new second hand car. A blue Ford station wagon. A word to those claiming 99% hood. Have you had good dental care? Maybe you need to think again about how poor you are. I can’t afford the implants, but still think I am a 1% and will not stop ranting until dental care is free for all. Just a CRANKY OLD LADY, but sometimes she speaks the truth. Thank you again Jackie.

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