Someone carried it in, but empty it was too heavy to carry out. Shame.Shame. Shame. Our wilderness deserves better.

TOPIC 73 CONTRAST.   A Crank.  There we were hiking in one of the Ranches turned into a Park.  Common in Colorado.  Here’s a bit about this one.


The link describes the park.  Here what it says about the park’s history.  In 1866 Frank Hildebrand settled in Deer Creek.  Although records about Hildebrand’s acquisition of the land are somewhat contradictory, the ownership was undisputed.  Grazing cattle was the main activity, but some crops provided winter feed. In 1950 a plan was authorized for a flood-control reservoir in southern Jefferson County to protect Denver, but funds were not appropriated.  In 1965, torrential rains on upper Plum Creek brought massive flooding along the South Platte River, killing 13 and leaving millions of dollars in damage.  In 1971, the U.S. Secretary of the Army condemned over 300 acres of the Hildebrand Ranch for Chatfield Reservoir.  In 2001, Jefferson County acquired the remaining 1,450 acres of the Hildebrand family holdings for the park.

Chatfield Park is another great area, and has some legal off leash spots including two small ponds and access to the Platte River where dogs can swim. Punky is intimidated by larger dogs, so we want to wait awhile before taking him there. I do love Colorado’s off leash areas.  Today we were not legal but that is par for David and I really don’t mind when no others are around. Like going through a stop sign in the middle of the night on a poorly traveled road.

We were walking along a small creek, with pasture land on one side, hills topped by various planned communities on two sides and the hog back behind us.     We chose this particular park as  it is little used, the bicycles are banned, the road and cars are far enough away that Punky the Pup could be let off leash to run, run, run, run. Running wild is his greatest joy and he can only do so where he cannot get hit by a bicycle, or run out into traffic.

His training is coming along, but he goes wild when off leash.  Loves to have it put on to go out, but take it off outside and takes mucho bribing to get it back on.  I stray from my story about the picture.

So there in the middle of no where was this crushed soda can. Grrrrrrr.  Double Grrrrrrrr.

When I lived in the Bronx and walked the streets of NY,  trash was a fact of life.  Didn’t like it, but city living does mean a tolerance for some trash in some streets.  Not so much in Manhattan itself, but definitely in parts of the Bronx.  But trash in Colorado stands out like an ugly zit on the end of your nose.  I have become a trash picker and picked up the can and brought it home to go into our trash.  I am sooooo good at some things.  Mostly, I just hate seeing the green grass and green spaces of my new home marred.

STAYING STRONG TIP  Another for the world.If you can carry it in, you surely can carry it out. If everyone would follow the old idea of living where your walk better than you found it, we might not be in such sad shape.

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    • Thank you for asking. Balance is good. Novel won’t be published, but have find a reader who is serving as a first copy editor and is not interested in money. And his first suggestions of Prologue and first chapter were so on target I am doing another quick re-write.

      My two parenting books are going to be re-issued by Meta Plume a new E-Publishing firm. They chased me and were very patient with Davids many demands.

      I really look back on my life and am so grateful for where it has brought me if not for every stop along the way.

      And you?

      • Excellent and best wishes on the books. I am doing fine. I have a lot on my plate that I am tackling lately, and decisions to make about some changes around me. But I trust in divine guidance and God’s grace in all matters.

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