3 Times You Need to Ask for Help

Struggling? Don’t know what to do or how to do it? You need  help, but first a laugh.

Asking for help joke

An old one, but worth thinking about.

Too many people think it is a sign of weakness to ask for help. It isn’t. In fact most often it is the smart think to do. The very rich know that, although they do not think of paying people to do stuff for you as asking for help. It is, and it is the source of the today’s tips.

Emotional Fitness tip one: Ask for all the help you can get that you can afford to pay for, so you can do more of what you love.

Emotional Fitness tip two:  Ask for help when your own efforts do not succeed after trying a few times.

Emotional Fitness tip three: Think about asking for help if others suggest it is needed. There is a Yiddish proverb that relates to this.“If one person calls you an ass pay no mmd, but if  two people call you an ass buy a saddle. “


Remember sharing is caring and the easiest way to practice kindness is to share this post if you found it helpful.  Share it even if it doesn’t speak to you, it will speak to some. Didn’t like it?  Comment and tell me why and how to improve.


This Emotional Fitness Post was not inspired by this WordPress Daily Prompt: A Dog Named Bob: You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob.

This prompt arrived via email and was not delivered to my mail box, by a blue jay disguised as the USA post man. However as I was licking the last of the syrup from my breakfast plate of pancakes, a  mean, barking dog named Bob jumped on to my patio, spilled the bottle of ink foolishly left there by my husband and sent me scurrying to my computer to do the day’s WordPress prompt.

And that took ten not twenty minutes. .


These links are for those not familiar with Emotional Intelligence or the idea of Emotional Fitness.



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