3 tips for toilet etiquette (via Minnesota Transplant)

Ah yes, thank you Minnesota Transplant. . When of the things I will do if I win the lottery is post my “Ten Reasons Woman Should Sit When Peeing sicker on every toilet in America. Squatting is just plan bad for you health and bad matters. I’m with you on this one.

Having spent 11 hours and more than 500 miles in a car today, I had the opportunity to see and, oftentimes, use a wide variety of porta-potties, wayside restrooms, fast food ladies' rooms and Burp 'N Slurp commodes. The state of toilet etiquette in these joints along Interstate 90 is deplorable, and I suspect the same may be said for powder rooms across America. (Side note: Nothing in the Midwest is as scary as the public bathroom I encountered o … Read More

via Minnesota Transplant

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