3 Ways to Stay in Touch With What Matters

The media is on a relentless path to convince us things matter the most. Nonsense. People, all living creatures matter more than things.

Rules for the good life

The paths we all need to walk in order to bring peace on earth.

These are the things we need to teach all children. They form the basis for all the rules that matter.  Imagine if all followed them.

Emotional Fitness Training tips

Emotional Fitness Training tip one: practice this exercise daily. 

EFT stretch

We are part of a wonderous creation, that should keep us humble, but also make us proud for we are  connected to all  the grandeur that is.

Moreover, it should also connect us to the need for imperfection.  Thomas Lewis in his Lives of the Cell  makes the point that our DNA, the building blocks of who we are are designed to mutate – change. Without that power there would be no world as we know it. All would be rocks, water, green sludge. But because DNA mutates, apparently on its own, there are mistakes, wrongs.  Sad, but without the bad, there would not be the miracles that have brought wonder and life to our world.

One of the lessons for me in the fact that DNA produces imperfection remains the idea that, not even what some call God’s Stardust is always perfect. However, if you look at the world it is mostly good enough.  That is the goal to strive for. Do what you can as best you can. Mostly it will be good enough and when not it is the best you can do.

Emotional Fitness Training tip three: Practice forgiveness. 

Three steps to forgiveness

POST INSPIRATION from this Word Press Daily Post Prompt: Moved to tears: Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

Kindness always fills my eyes with tears. And the imperfections of the world make it possible. Here are some things that brought tears to my eyes this week.

The grandparents of three-year-old girl with a rare form of epilepsy have made a $33.7m donation to the University of Sydney to fund medicinal cannabis research.

Then there was this one: Danielle Jacobs’ video showing intimate footage of her being comforted by her dog while having a ‘meltdown’ due to her Asperger’s syndrome has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

And finally this one, love these kids and both their parents. This connected them to me, but also to the wonder of it all.



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