When did I first  realize I was an adult?  How many times can I have  been wrong? Let me count the ways.   When I no longer believed in Santa Claus.  When I was first baby sat.  When I was  first really kissed.  When I got my driver’s license.  When I first fell in love.  When I was accepted to the college of my choice.  When I graduated from High School.  When I  was a sleep away counselor and then became Head Riding Instructor at that same camp. When I had my first legal drink, first voted, got a full-time job while still in college, graduated college, bought myself a car, graduated social work school, had sex,  left home  to live in my own apartment, moved to New York City, got married, became a parent, got published, turned 50, then 60.  Not yet.

Never fully grown-and proud  of it.

My staying strong tip. Never become just an adult, play like a child every day, better yet, play with a child every day.

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