5 Tips for Living While Waiting to Die

At 78 and with a number of health issue, death at any time is possible. Truth be told, however, death comes when death comes. I might live another 20  years.

Seneca quote about living.

Read the news and there is no denying, death visits and not only the aged or ill. Nor are all able to make what Seneca calls “…a becoming exit.”

Some think life is better lived knowing death might visit any day.  I am inclined to agree.

I am grateful, my first job as a social worker was in a small hospital where I worked with many people facing death.  Some made “becoming exits.” Some did not. I helped some, but not others. All forced me to accept death as a given. I also came to realize some things were worse than death; not many, but some.

Emotional Fitness Tip one:  Prepare.  I have written my living will. my family knows I want my life prolonged, but not my death, and how I define both.  My funeral arrangements are in place.  My husband and sons know what I want to happen with  my possessions, what is to be done with Emotional Fitness Training, Inc. The smaller things have also been taken care. Finally, I have written a goodby letter.   With all that taken care of  I live on ,more peacefully.

Emotional Fitness Tip two: Live on.  Do all the things you usually do, but with a bow to the limitations age imposes. There will be things to mourn. I love music, but no longer hear it.

Emotional Fitness Tip three: Do more of what soothes and comforts and less of what irritates and annoys. I practice what I preach and that means I practice the 12 Daily Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises. Well, not always and not perfectly but enough to keep me more content than not.  Remember my post about perfection?

Emotional Fitness Tip four: Keep learning. Try new things while cherishing the old that have served you well. We were created to be  learning machines, the more we learn the more we understand; the more we understand the more we bring peace to our small world and the larger universe.

Emotional Fitness Tip five: Remember what matters and act each day to make the world around you kinder and better. That really is all that matters.


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This blog post  was not inspired by this WordPress DAILY PROMPT — Snapshot Stories: Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there. Tell us the story of that photo.

However, I do think the first picture I saw of myself today was of me fairly recently. My story: I’ve lived long, I am old, but still grateful to be breathing and not in great pain so I can keep living.


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