5 Tips for Making Wishes Come True

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”  as my mother often said. I hated hearing that, but she was giving me an important reality check.

Quotes about wishes

Wishing does not make it so, but wishing has it uses. Mainly it gives us hope. As the last quote states however, you need to do two things to make your wishes come true.

Emotional Fitness Training Tips

 Emotional Fitness Training tip one: Turn your wishes into SMART goals.

How to set SMART Goals

For more help with setting goals buy my eBook Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals.  It costs$3.01 and that is  less than a movie. Moreover I think you will agree has longer lasting value.

Emotional Fitness Training tip two: No matter how busy you are work toward your SMART goal six days a week.  Try to give at least an hour toward your goal, but fifteen minutes is better than none.  Read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield for inspiration.

Why six days and not all seven? We all need one day off from work even when trying to get reach our most heart-felt goal.

Emotional Fitness Training tip three: Do not let perfectionism hold you back. I have let that happen. Not helpful. Best to put something out there and perfect it as you go along.

Emotional Fitness Training tip four: Expect failure along the way. Keep going, but also at some point remember as I have found out, :”When a goal is not met, the wrong goal was set.”

Emotional Fitness Training tip five: Remember what matters. 


Until a child is in the second or third grade and has learned to read, he who she tends to think wishing makes it so. That is part of the magic of childhood and adults encourage it.

Better to accept what the child believes, but to at the same time, label wishes and hopes and not all come true. The same with Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Fun but not real. Your child’s pleasure will not be diminished, but when s/he does begin to doubt such things, you will not be seen as having lied. Moreover, you have been helping him or her code reality better. .


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This post was inspired by a WordPress Daily Prompt – Three Coins in the Fountain. Have you ever tossed a coin or two into a fountain and made a wish? Did it come true?

Yes, sometimes, no other times.

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