AM I A MECHANICAL WOO?  UPDATE.   Part of the day in pictures. First all the pieces laid out.   So I followed the directions carefully, got to putting the handlebars on and saw something was wrong.  Can you guess from the  picture  above?

The problem?  I put the front wheel on backwards.  No pictures with the directions and it was only when I looked at the fender on the front wheel and thought “Shouldn’t most of the fender be towards the back.  Yes, it should have been.  So it was undo all and turn the wheel the right way and then start again.

Next problem.  Getting ready to put the seat on and there are two extra pieces that seem to go no where.  Again no pictures of these parts,  no  pictures of fitting them together, no directions specific to them.  Sigh.

I finally figured out that the two pieces are to attach the back rest .  That was an extra I ordered, so is not covered in the routine directions and has none of its own. Sigh again.

So here is where I am stuck at the moment having solved at least half of the problem.  Still  trying to figure out what goes where.  Tune in later to see if I have given up or persisted until I conquor.

Thinking maybe  the manufacturers are  being paid by the Mechanical Unionists so I will be forced to give up and hire someone.  Planning to do that anyway as I do not feel I can install the electric motor properly and do want a mechanic to check it all I have done.  Still , however, I want to do as much as I can and so save some of my dwindling income.

By the way, anyone in the Denver area who knows a bicycle mechanic who will make a house call, check what I have done,  install my motor and not charge a gazillion dollar?.  Send them my way. I like to support local entrepreneurship and prefer paying a person and not a company.

Still hoping to finish my part by this evening.

Staying strong by challenging myself.


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