COACHING RULE ONE:  Use the Smart Goal format.  Specific, measurable, action based, realistic, time framed.

COACHING RULE TWO:  Put it in writing, use positives, share, update sharing.

November is write your novel month.   Not joining the crowd trying to write a new novel, but reading the rules of that game, moved me out of a stuck place with my Meredyth and Merlin Novel writing effort.  How? By defining a novel as 50.000 words.

The problem that solved for me was putting me back on track with my  central story–Merlin’s involvement with a young woman who comes to him to bring about the birth of baby before it can live outside her womb.

As many writer’s know, characters often take on their own life.  Well, my Merlin wanted you to know how he came to be an impotent old man ready to let his Life Force ooze away because his destiny seemed only to fail at trying to make the world a bit better.  That my friends is a long story.  Hopefully, my brain will hold together so I can publish it as two or three as prequels to Meredyth and Merlin.  But I am back on track with the original story.  So here is my current Smart Goal.

Specific:  Meredyth and Merlin will be published on March 21, 2012.  My 75th birthday. I will publish it electronically.


  1. One half hour each day writing.
  2. First draft finished by November 30th.  Give to David and one other I trust to keep me moving forward for feedback
  3. Polish the stone through January.  As many of you know I am learning disabled and need to write and re-write before even considering asking a professional to edit it.
  4. February–get it professionally edited; find the right cover.
  5. March–get it formatted for Smash Words, start initial publicity campaign.
  6. March 21st publish it.

Action Oriented : The above steps are my action steps

Realistic:  I think so, will see.

Time framed:  Set out above.

Second rule completed.  Will update at the end of every month until you are invited to a blog party celebrating its publication.

By the way, it is a novel that is definitely for mature audiences only.  Lots of steamy sex.  I rant against the destruction of the Joy of Sex particularly women’s sexual pleasures by Saul of Tarsus aka St. Paul and his “Better wed than burn” ideology.  Of course, men had long war on women’s sexuality; a war  that began when men realized putting their penis in a woman’s vagina had something to do with the resulting baby’s resemblance to one or another male.  Turned women and children  into property and men into the making of various psychological chastity belts.  Addresses the abortion issue with some of the sensibilities of the Right to Life movement, but comes down on the Right to Choose side.  The Catholic Church will ban it, probably many other fundamental groups also, the Islamists may issue a Fatah although the story occurs  before Mohammed’s time.  Witches, wizards, pagans will find much to enjoy although my Merlin does not believe in magic.  Magic works on his life, however.

On to writing the novel.

Staying strong.


  1. Why not a number of words as a goal? Less realistic for me. If I can focus for a half an hour, usually starting with a bit of re-writing of the last few pages, I will write more than half an hour and get several pages done and sometimes many more.

    I can get stuck re-writing and re-writing so if that happens, will need to butt-kick myself somehow, but feel good about the above and think I can move ahead and meet the goal of out on my birthday.

  2. I found you through Chris at Bridges Burning and I am glad to meet you. I love that we are around the same age – I shall be 74 on March 19 next year.
    I self published a book on Grief and Loss that I gave away to friends and clients some time ago, but my novel writing is at a standstill. I love the idea of ‘steamy sex’ and agree with your comment about St Paul. What did he know anyway?
    So I look forward to reading the book when it comes out. 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting. Obviously you are a WOO–Wise Old One…used to say WOW–for Wise Old Woman but decided to be less sexist although there are definitely more of us. And only WOOs know how to grow younger each day. You live in the land of my childhood dreams. As to Saul–he had to have been impotent from early on.

      My husband writes far more elegantly and error free then I do, but gets terrible blocked, terrible painful to see and all I can say is change the negative voices in your head and write for you; at least that is his problem. Parents saying writers can’t make money and money is what counts. Enough counts but after that it can become a block. All IMHO/

      Busy day as I observe the Shabbat, so will read more of you come tomorrow night. And once again, thank you for commenting.

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