IF WISHES WERE CARS, THE POOR WOULD RIDE.  WHAT DO YOU WISH FOR?  Post a day Topic #300: In celebration of our 300th topic, here’s a 300 themed suggestion: What do you wish you had 300 of?  Well, I have a quick list of ten things I wish there were 300 more.

  1. 300 more honest, thoughtful listening to the people running our federal government
  2. 300 honest journalists and other media pundits reporting information instead of opinion cloaked as fact
  3. 300 honest strong armed protestors at every demonstration so the bullies, criminals, and thugs could not do their thing
  4. 300 honest non-biased people in power in the United Nations
  5. 300 honest caring people in charge in each global business
  6. 300 times the number of enlightened and honest scientists needed to solve the problem of global warming without big business’s input
  7. 300 times the number of religious leaders needed to call a halt to killing in the name of any god, goddess or deity.
  8. 300 times the number of researchers needed to solve mental illness and all other life threatening illnesses without help from the big pharma industry.
  9. 300 times the number  caring, sharing, wise clones to replace all dictators, drug cartels, and similar oppressors and those who support them.
  10. 300 times the money I need to live my life at its current level, so I can be less stressed and give 299 people I know personally the money they need to live less stressed lives.

By the way, every time I said I wish during my childhood, my mother said, “If wishes were horses beggars would ride.”  Here’s to you Mom, whereever you are.

Share, care, and stay strong.

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