Here Versus There: Might Be Better, Might Not

The green grass that looks better, might be Astroturf.   Thank you for all you do. Practice Kindness and share, comment, or like this post. Go here for An introduction to Emotional Fitness Training. Katherine Links Of Interest Emotional Intelligence  ( The five components of Emotional Intelligence  ( An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents (  


Thank you Doug Savage for letting me use your joke to promote my newest book, Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals‘  As many have said, and as Ralph Waldo Emerson is thought to have said first,  “The journey is the destination.” EMOTIONAL FITNESS TIP However, it is always better if you know where …

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I was thinking last night while waiting to fall asleep that I needed to counter the Guilt Carrying Post with one about the other side of that dance–The Blaming Game.   Emotional fitness, what others call emotional intelligence is all about clear headed thinking.  Did I tell you I am obsessive which means thinking, thinking, thinking, …

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Breathe in, hold, focus, breathe out, smile, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank you” You WOOs  Wise Old Ones, scroll down for a beautiful poem about aging. The sun is setting, beauty———— Oh poop, I forgot the rest of the words. Know I promised some Springs Budding Branches.  Later.  This was too good to pass up. …

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