EMOTIONAL FITNESS THOUGHTS ABOUT HUGS The Transactional Analysts (TA) speak of Warm Fuzzies. The idea started with Claude Steiner, one of the greats of TA.  He gave me a warm fuzzy at one of his workshops with a 30-second comment. No one knew he was speaking directly to me.  He had noticed my painful expression because …

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Thinking About What Matters: Victim or Survivor?

We live in dangerous times; times made more dangerous by the use of history to bolster victimhood. Emotional Fitness Training Thoughts When did your ancestors step out of slavery? Or perhaps they were the strong and powerful of their era and captured, sold or bought slaves? Do you own both sides or use history to bolster …

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Thinking About What Matters: Opinions

We live in dangerous times; times made more dangerous by how people handle opinions that disagree with theirs. Emotional Fitness Training Thoughts First a story:  A woman called her psychiatrist in the middle of the night, after an argument with her husband. He had berated her, saying she was an awful mother and a worse wife. …

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A Thought About What Matters: Beauty and Dreams

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