Ban Perfectionism: Good Enough is Good

Perfection is beyond the reach of we mortals.  Fortunately, for most things, good enough is good enough. Moreover. often,  bad is good enough, particularly when it teaches us something new or reinforces major lessons we too often forget.  Remember what matters, be grateful for all you have been given, and practice kindness. Katherine P.S. Practice kindness …

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Warning: Money Laundering Scam

One of my books is listed for sale at over $900. I have asked Amazon to delete it as it is a money-laundering scam. Anything outrageously priced on Amazon or eBay or elsewhere is the work of money launderers. Report such scams to the FBI.


Expect less of others and more of yourself. Others matter, no question, but others stumble, fail, betray, leave, or die. Sad truth. What to do? Spend time every day to nourish yourself. Make caring for you a daily habit. I don’t mean a habit like brushing your teeth or going to the gym. I mean …

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Be Warned, Detecting Evil Is Not Easy

My Personal Experiences With Evil  I admit my bias at least the ones I am aware of. As do all bias, mine reflects my personal life experiences.  I believe most people want to either be left alone or to live a life based on goodness. However, my experiences have exposed me to another side.  Because …

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