Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Apologize

  Wishing for better relationships? Apologizing is essential, however, apologizing is almost impossible for some. Why? They might not realize they have done wrong; but they also might be threatened by the idea they did wrong. What to do if that is you? Apologize when you know you did wrong. When you think you did …

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Build Trust

Wishing for better relationships? Become a person others trust.  Build trust by practicing kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness. Thank you and stay strong. Practice Kindness, another Emotional Fitness Training Exercise, by liking or sharing this post. Katherine

Emotional Intelligence Exercise: Critical Thinking Lesson

Emotional Reasoning =  believing your feelings are facts with an inability to accept or take in any information more tied to facts or reality.   Feeling something is true does not mean it is. Examples: I really want this job, so it doesn’t matter that I am not qualified. I want her to love me, so …

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Emotional Intelligence Exercise: Think About Wishes

We need our hopes, dreams, and wishes. We also need to think realistically when planning our lives. Why you need more than wishes, you need a mission, and you need to set some SMART goals.  Keep wishing and keep working to make your wishes come true. Thank you and stay strong. Practice Kindness, another Emotional …

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