Are You OCD? Become More Self-Aware, Improve Your Emotional Intelligence:

Everyone wants some order in their lives.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not always a disorder. It can be a highly marketable skill. Think of the Military where following rules predominates. Or how about accounting and computer programming where attention to detail matters. As with almost every mental health disorder, the key question remains how does the …

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Laugh A Bit

Hope this gave you a bit of a laugh. Jokes and other funny stuff requires a certain turn of mind, an ability to look beyond the obvious, which is how laughing strengthens your Emotional Intelligence. Thank you and stay strong. Practice Kindness, another Emotional Fitness Training Exercise, by liking or sharing this post. Katherine


But not at your boss. Post with laughs about people living in a world of their own.  Particularly bad to do at a job.   First a cartoon by Now for a joke on the same topic of living in your own world that makes me laugh a bit every time I read it. Not about …

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BREAKING THE RULES WITH AWARDEE NUMBER FIVE.  Rules are often made to break.  That’s why there is a list of Ten you aren’t supposed to break and a Golden Rule which really covers them all.  I preached and preach four rules: Respect yourself, respect all other living creatures, respect property, respect (reasonable–killing someone because you …

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