Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Bring Beauty In focus

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Procrastinate More

When you become a professional procrastinator, it is amazing to see how much gets done or does not need doing. Professional procrastination is a sign of Emotional Intelligence. Since the time of Moses; we the people have  been told we need at least one day of rest. Sadly, the work world wants us always working …

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Improve Your Critical Thinking: Make No Hasty Generalizations

Also Known as: Fallacy of Insufficient Statistics, Fallacy of Insufficient Sample, Leaping to A Conclusion. Hasty Generalizations are often reinforced by Emotional Reasoning or Following the Crowd. Brute Fact: We are made to generalize.  Why? Because in order to navigate the world, we have to make broad assumptions about most things. We cannot stop to …

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Build Trust

Wishing for better relationships? Become a person others trust.  Build trust by practicing kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness. Thank you and stay strong. Practice Kindness, another Emotional Fitness Training Exercise, by liking or sharing this post. Katherine