Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Laugh A Bit

Hope this gave you a bit of a laugh. Jokes and other funny stuff requires a certain turn of mind, an ability to look beyond the obvious, which is how laughing strengthens your Emotional Intelligence. Thank you and stay strong. Practice Kindness, another Emotional Fitness Training Exercise, by liking or sharing this post. Katherine

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Be Grateful

Attitude matters and an attitude of gratitude is built being grateful for all you have been given. You woke up breathing? Be grateful. You had clothes to put on? Be grateful. Your computer working? Be grateful. Harder of course when things are not so rosy. Stub and break your toe as you stumble half a wake? …

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: Feeling Fact

Feelings come and go. Some experts say the neurological life of one feeling lasts for seconds. How come some feelings seem to go and on? Two reasons. What triggered the feelings happens again or you keep the feeling going with negative talk. What to do? Obviously, first try to stop whatever is triggering the feeling. …

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Improve Your Emotional Intelligence By Changing Your Self-Talk

The brain has a hard time holding two thoughts, repeating a short positive slogan keeps negative thoughts infecting your Emotional Intelligence. To be most effective say the slogan while taking a Calming Breath. How to take a Calming Breath: 1. Breathe in slowly to a count of five. It is helpful to tighten all your muscles …

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