A Cheap Way Out

A Daily Prompt:Write a post in the style of (or simply inspired by) a favorite author. Laughter is an Emotional Fitness, what many call Emotional Intelligence, but most people do humor better than me.  Here’s a joke from a favorite.

A joke from Laughing Housewife

Emotional Fitness Thoughts

Humor is the best way to engage people and engaging is a good way to sell anything.  So I dearly wish I could consistently be as funny as Tilly Bud. I might get a wee more mileage out of trying to sell Emotional Fitness Training. Ah well.

Emotional Fitness Tips

In the joke above , Mom showed lots of Emotional Fitness.  I am sure she wanted to swat Harry.  Instead she used calming self talk to keep her wish to swat under control.

Just one tip today in the form of  Emotional Fitness Training’s Calming Self Talk Poster Coach,

These slogans, keep you focused on what matters and so have a calming effect.

These slogans, keep you focused on what matters and so have a calming effect.

To be most effective slogans are best partnered with  One Minute Meditation. Don’t know that one?  Here is another poster coach.

How to meditate in one minute


Watch for the opening of Emotional Fitness Training’s Store November First. This and other EFTI posters will be featured.  Weekly free-bees and those that are not free  will cost less than a latte and sustain you longer. Visit the store now to learn a bit more about Emotional Intelligence.


Laughter, self talk, and the OMM are all ways to stay emotionally fit.  So is sharing and caring. If you liked this blog post,  care and push the like button; better, give it a rating; best, share.

For all you do to spread the word about how to stay Emotionally Fit, thank you.



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