VERY CRANKY.  Just spent far too many hours on my Thursday’s EFTI post. Topic: Power Leading.  Problem want to insert a slide show, but no matter what I did it didn’t work.  Moreover, I was doing what I have always done to post pictures, images, and links.  Is Word Press Out to get me?  Probably not.

But then in trying to finally just post the thing without the link, I must have pushed the trash button.  No problem, you can retrieve from trash or so that has worked in the past.  Not today.  Ups the paranoia about Word Press.

Then again, maybe it is the six inches of snow here in the Rockies.

Anyway, I am now very cranky.  I finally gave up and posted an earlier draft of today’s Power Leading post.  Not as good, but is time to go on.  If interested in that post,  click here  to read.  The best part is a humorous  link to a great post about the Occupy Wall Street movement and how we old ones failed our kids.  Their revenge–sticking it back to us.

For the purposes of revenging myself I am going to post two Cranky Old Lady Posts.  Take that Word Press. The one above and the one that has made me cranky since I went food shopping yesterday.  Dinner first.

Doing all I can to stay strong.  Help my husband, make me less cranky by liking or sharing this.  Please.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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