A Laugh

Craig’s List has a section for those trying to connect with strangers–most likely to flirt.   This one, true or not,  gave me a little laugh.

“You were a middle aged little balding man with glasses driving a silver jeep liberty. I was driving a red saturn. You were driving under the speed limit and then at the passing lane when I tried to pass you sped up to 65. The truck in front of me was turning so I had to get behind you again. Once the truck turned I proceeded to pass you again. As I passed you put your little face against your window, screamed something, and flipped me off. My window was rolled up so I didn’t hear you. Please little man tell me what you screamed? Tell me what finger I waved back … so I know it’s you.”

Wonder what s/he wants to happen next

Hope you enjoyed it.  Thank you facebook friend Pamela Smithbell for this.

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