Thank you Doug Savage for letting me use your joke to promote my newest book, Know Your Mission So You Can Reach Your Goals‘ 

A Savage Chickens' Cartoon and an Emotional Fitness Blog Post about job satisfaction.

As many have said, and as Ralph Waldo Emerson is thought to have said first,  “The journey is the destination.”


However, it is always better if you know where you are going, which is why my newest book is more life changing than my earlier books, and what I think offers my best advice for staying strong.

Blatant self promotion


I don’t often make promises, but I do promise if you buy this one, read, and follow the path I’ve laid down, you will live the good life.  This might just be the smartest $2.99 you will spend. 

Rushing day.  Did you spot the mistake in the above? I did, but not in time to change it now. Maybe later, maybe not.  Want to vote? Worth the effort, better to practice good enough. Like if you say good enough. Comment on why I should take the half an hour to correct.

Stay strong, I work at it constantly and the older I am lucky enough to become, the more I have to practice every one of my emotional fitness skills.

For all your efforts to share and care, thank you.  You make a difference in my life and I am sure in many other lives.


Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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