THE LAUGH–Top Ten Signs You Are Too Stressed

1. Your friends and family send you gift certificates to anger and stress management courses.
 2. You short-circuit motion detectors
 3. You use your cell phone to respond negatively to all the delivery truck signs asking how’s my driving.
 4. Your worse nightmares are calmer than your life.
 5. A month in solitary confinement has become your dream vacation
6. You serve as a role model for the United States Marine drill sergeants
7. The American Association of Skunks has given you their lifetime achievement award
8. Dr. Phil and Oprah have both given up on you
9. Jerry Springer has banned you from his show.
10. Your inner child call the child abuse hot line hourly.
Only two groups of people don’t laugh at this list. Those not from the United States or otherwise not familiar with American pop culture and those so caught up in life’s seriousness or pain that laugher has slipped out of their lives.
Loss of the ability to laugh is one sign you may not be emotionally fit. Think of the time right after 9/11 or another time you suffered a serious life blow. Most likely laughter fled. It was only after some time had passed that laughter returned. Being so sad, you cannot enjoy what life has to offer is a sign stress is seriously eroding your emotional fitness.

THE STAYING STRONG TIP:  Everyone is more or less emotionally fit. We all have quirks. How those quirks affect our ability to manage feelings determines our emotional fitness level. Some people manage feelings better than others. These emotional fitness superstars live fully, love openly, and survive life blows with grace. However, just as most of us are not physical fitness stars, so most of us are not emotional fitness stars, we aremore or less emotionally fit. Sometimes we soar; sometimes we cannot get off the ground.  Most of the time,however, we keep moving forward doing the best we can to make the world better.

Emotional Fitness Training, Inc. says worry only about what matters and that means being kind to yourself and others; cruelty in any form is insanity and is destroying our world.  So stop worrying about whether you are normal or not, crazy or not; instead think kind or cruel.  If you can’t be kind, think  too much stress or too many life blows.

When sad, bad or mad feelings keep you from moving ahead or convince you to be cruel to yourself or others, it is time to seek outside help.  Life blows sap our strength and we need others to get us moving ahead.  The others can be a good friend or a professional helper.  The right coach or therapist can make the difference between living well or giving up.

If you are seriously contemplating hurting or killing yourself or someone else call a suicide hot line right now.  If you  engage constantly in behaviors you know are harmful call a mental health help line today.


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