Also a bit of a lecture on being nasty when other people fall, which we often feel like doing, particularly when the high and mighty show they are more or less as human as the rest of us. .

My father refused to get nasty or seek revenge. As he told me when I expressed anger at someone who I knew had mistreated him, “I let life take care of that.

I try to do the same, but I also suspect that my father was not above the smug sense of satisfaction that visits you when someone gets a deserved comeuppance as happened here. Enjoy, as I did. Share and care and stay strong.

On Words: Why Schadenfreude...? “I am convinced that we have a degree of delight, and that no small one, in the real misfortunes and pain of others” Edmund Burke Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. Why do some people take delight in rejoicing over the misfortunes of others? What makes som … Read More

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