TOPIC 58  INDULGE ME   Read the Prologue of Merlin and Meredyth.  Learn how a Jewish Mercenary was seduced by a Pagan Priestess so she could bring forth a child who would be famous throughout the centuries.  All in my imagination, but there were Jewish Mercenaries and Jewish Kings rulrfg in Yemen then called Himyar during the time my Merlin was born.   Here is the link:

A Maid and a Mercenary

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Be tolerant of typos and idiosyncratic punctuation.  If such tolerance is not possible don’t read.  Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome.  Like it if you do, but false praise or liking harms more than it helps.

STAYING STRONG TIP:  Never give up pursuing your dreams, but never make reaching one, the source of your happiness.  The journey is what matters.  Of course, I would like to see Merlin and Meredyth sell like crazy and end up a well produced movie.  (Think it the story is far better than The Artist, one of the few movies I almost walked out of in all my 75 years.  Couldn’t believe it won the Best Picture of the Year.  Still shaking my head. ) Reality Check:  My chances of seeing Merlin and Meredyth on a top seller list or in the movies are as good as my chances of winning the lottery with the one ticket I buy each week–if I remember.  But the journey, particularly this last year has added spice to my life.

FUEL MY HOPES: Practice kindness and strengthen both of us.   Kindness is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Click here for all 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.

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