A Poem of Strength


“A golden honeycomb sunset,set like a gem in the periwinkle blue sky.
…A babbling laughter ripples through the crowd, brimming with a richness like a 24 carat diamond.

And you realize-

When you walk down that rat-infested street
and you find a starving child.
Squatting in a cardboard box,
eating mouldy breadcrusts
and his malnourished stomach swelling with sorrow
peeks out at you from under his tatty rags.
And you realize-

You think about the woman with the rheumatic bones
who begs at your window for a copper.
She needs it to feed her family,
the AIDS infected.
And you realize-

When you see the anguish on a young mother’s face,
to find it was her child caught in the bomb blast,
And the pearls of tears roll silently down her face,
displaying her silent anguish.
And you realize-

And you realize-
Problematic perceptions,
distortions of life’s perfections ·

I first read this on Belinda Metlitzky Silbert ‘s  Facebook Page.  Aviva-Liora  is her daughter and both gave me permission to use this on my blog.  Poetry has seen me through many painful times.  Thank you Aviva-Liora .


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping at my blog — I hope you’ll come back soon. I’ve subscribed to your blog and bookmarked your site; now all I need is a couple of hours (days!) to read your stuff. I played the Stickman game too — what a hoot! I’m anxious to see what comes next!

    • I just stopped making promises to read and comment faithfully. Life has to come first. I post a lot, so tell people to turn off email notifications so they won’t get bored with me. Stay strong its a hard life out there and some days I feel the best relationship I have, except for my dog, is with stickman.

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