A post for my readers who are parents, about lying

Teens lie, a fact that can easily escape a good parent living with a good kid. Think for a minute about yourself as a teenager. You lied, often by omission, or with a carefully woven half-truth. You also probably told more than one or two whoppers.

Think of yourself today. White lies are often considered not just acceptable, but necessary to avoid hurting others. When kids lie they are doing what almost everyone else does, but when it comes to important relationships, even the white lies, are destructive.

Accepting lying as something teens do, just as acne is something teens suffer from, will not get your child ahead in the real world. Honesty is the basis of satisfying relationships and an important part of getting along in a job. So take advantage on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st April to download a FREE copy of my eBook, ‘When Good Kids Lie’.


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