A Story of Strength

“Inscribed on one of the six pillars in the Holocaust Memorial at Quincy Market in Boston are stories that speak of the cruelty and suffering in the camps. The sixth pillar presents a tale of a different sort, about a little girl named Ilse, a childhood friend of Guerda Weissman Kline, in Auschwitz. Guerda remembers that Isle, who was about six years old at the time, found one morning a single raspberry somewhere in the camp. Isle carried it all day long in a protected place in her pocket, and in the evening, her eyes shining with happiness, she presented it to her friend Guerda on a leaf. ‘Imagine a world,’ writes Guerda, ‘in which your entire possession is one raspberry, and you give it to your friend.’”  – The Art of Possibility, Zander & Zander

My thanks to David P.  Diana  at http://www.davidpdiana.com for this story.

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