A story to be remembered and shared (via Lessons From Life)

SHARES KNOWLEDGE ABOUT FOUR THIINGS I VALUE; Stories of strength, parenting advice, the importance of helping future generations understand some of their history, that parents make mistakes and kids survive, and finally the value of being able to admit a mistake and using humor to do so. WOW what a post. Thank you.

A classic story in our family is about my grandmother, Nettie Itzhovitz Goldberg, coming to this country at age 12 or so all by herself. Grandma, who died when I was 3, lived with a sister already in this country when she came here from Hungary or whatever it was called in those days. It was the turn into the 20th century and that country like so many in Eastern Europe had many names. I don’t know whether she came through Ellis Island o … Read More

via Lessons From Life

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