Adhuminiem, Do You Know What It Means? 3 Tips To Strengthen Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Fitness Training® is about thinking logically.  Doing so improves your emotional intelligence.

Ad Huminem a fallacy all should guard against to improve their emotional intelligence.

The more you can spot logical fallacies, the stronger your critical thinking skills. This post focuses on the fallacy of attacking the person instead of the argument. The Media uses ad hominem attacks to awaken your urge to buy things. How? One way is by promoting perfection. Because we are all less than perfect images of perfection make us doubt ourselves.  Doubt or uncertainty is a hypnotic tool to put you deeper into a trance where suggestions become more powerful.

I’m over-weight, wrinkled, my hair is white, and I am old.   I generally accept me as I am. However, I do get a bit angry that all women achieving fame as TV journalists are slender, seemingly wrinkle-free, have long perfectly coiffed hair, are 40 years old or younger, and finally, possessed of perfect teeth. That little bit of anger says I feel threatened by my imperfections.

Other ways ad hominem is used: The constant promoting of youth attacks all old ones. Power ads for cars play into our concerns about what we control or our weakness.

These subtle ad hominem attacks exemplify what I call a Sneaky Hypnotism tactic. I am a trained hypnotist. When you want to get someone into a trance so your suggestions carry more power, one trick is to create uncertainty. You may know many trance inductions call for you to count to ten along with the hypnotist.  Hypnotists will mess around with the counting as a way to create uncertainty during trance induction.  Sneaky Hypnotism creates doubt and uncertainty to pull you into a trance.

Why do advertisers want to make you uncertain? Uncertainty and doubt create fear; fear is designed to caution you to be careful. All fears push us to find safety. Images that suggest a way to reduce a fear or doubt about you sell products and services.

Other ways advertisers use Sneaky Hypnotism? Rhythmic pulsating music, images, getting people to relax, repetition of short phrases – think of Nike’s “Just Do It”.

What to do? Here are three Emotional Fitness Training Tips that will not only protect you from Sneaky Hypnotism but strengthen your emotional intelligence:

Tip one: Strengthen your awareness of  Sneaky Hypnotism in general. Here’s a link that will help you understand trance inductions and hypnotism better.

Tip two: Be alert when someone says “Imagine.” That word is always an invitation to a trance. 

Tip three: Strengthen your awareness of Logical Fallacies. Facebook debates, all advertising, and personal arguments about religion or politics provide endless opportunities to improve your critical thinking skills.

Thank you and stay strong. Remember what matters, be grateful, laugh and play, forgive, and practice Kindness

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