Emotional Fitness Training® is about thinking logically.  Most of us think we do, but unless we think carefully, our emotions often lead to logical fallacies – what some call twisted thinking.

Emotional fitness training poster detailing logical fallacie "Ad hominem."

We are all guilty of faulty or twisted thinking.  What’s more it doesn’t really matter with many of life’s smaller conversations or situations.  Moreover, such distortions can ease stress with no harm done.  On the other hand, part of being emotionally fit, is the capacity to code reality correctly.

Emotional Fitness Tip

Too stressed? Worrying too much? Difficult relationships? Definitely time to check out your thinking more carefully.


I am planning for the next two or three months to ease a bit on posting.  My hope is to try to post regularly, but short posts.  One way is to continue exploring logical fallacies.  I will also be traveling a bit and hope to document some of the beauty I see along my journey with some short Be With Beauty posts.

Stay Strong

The media encourages divisiveness, particularly social media. Much of what is presented as news is opinion. Being critical of cruelty or harm to others remains important, and must be protested logically and based on facts not distorted or twisted thinking.

Don’t beat up on yourself, if you catch yourself indulging in faulty thinking; it is part of the human condition.  At the same time, particularly when being critical of another person, check to make sure your criticism is on target. Be most careful when talking about groups of people whose views are not your views. 

In many ways, the world would fare better if we ranted less and cared more. Moreover, caring is better for your heart and your emotional health than ranting or even criticizing others.

For all you do to share and care, thank you.


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