The Happiness Gurus promote joining the work force only when you find a job your love. Not wise. Jobs pay the rent and feed you – happiness necessities.

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I’ve worked most of my 78 years. Started babysitting when I was twelve, mucked out stalls at thirteen in trade for riding lessons, planned to be just a wife and mother, but my first true love jilted me and I didn’t marry until I was in my thirties. Then I became a mother and then a foster-mother.

Career wise I stumbled into Social Work, was lucky enough to find I loved what I did and worked my way up to managing mental health programs and several professorships.

Eventually, I also became a published author, despite being learning disabled. Lucky me to find people always willing to help me be all I could be.

Because I mucked out stalls, I discovered friends and mentors in the laboring class. My family had fallen from the upper-class to the somewhat impoverished middle-class. The one who most gave me the most was Thomas Hardy, known around the stables as “Old Tom.”  As with all the grooms and stall-muckers of the time and at that place, he was a black man.

Thomas Hardy was a life raft for me throughout my teens and adult life. He kept me on target, made me earn the right to ride, cheered and comforted me.  He knew what mattered and that was caring, practicing kindness, working hard and taking pride in  work well done, no matter how menial.

Emotional fitness tip one:  Instead of seeking a job that makes you happy, figure out how to be happy in any job. 

Emotional fitness tip two: Value all who work, be grateful and practice kindness by thanking every person whose job makes your life easier. 

Emotional fitness tip three: Add happy moments to your life in all the safe and healthy ways you can. EFTI’s Easy Exercises add bits of pleasure to your life.


The saying we need to give our children wings and roots is a wise one. Roots do the hard work of pushing through soil, rocks, and all sorts of other stuff in order to grow.  Instilling a solid work ethic in your children strengthens their ability to do what has to be done in all aspects of life..

Parenting tip one: Start putting your kids to work as soon as they can walk well. That is the age they want to do every thing you do. Have them put dirty  clothes in a hamper, trash in the waste basket, toys in the toy box.

Parenting tip two: Teach them to value all who work. This can be done in lots of ways: Just thanking those who serve them is one. Seeing you say thank you to firemen, policemen, soldiers, and definitely garbage men.

Parenting tip three:  Start paying them young. Allowances should be divided into love allowance and earned allowance. The love allowance being much smaller.  As the teen years are entered upon gear your children up for real jobs by paying them to do some of the jobs you do around the house. Then when legally able to work at a part time job, have them get a job and begin assuming responsibilty to the wants of their life while you continue to provide for their basic needs.


Life is rarely easy.  Others do the best they can; you do the best you can. As much as we try often the best any of us can do is disappointing.  The solution? Be gentle on all, yourself included.Keep working to stay strong, I work hard to do the same  and I do not always succeed.

Remember’s sharing is caring and the easiest way to practice kindness is to share this post if you found it helpful.  Thank you.



Down load  a free  poster coach: Just like a live coach EFTI’s poster coaches inspire, teach, and motivate.  To use, print up in color and post there it will be seen often.  Poster Coaches can also be used at in the business world, in the class room or a family meeting  to provide a laugh, encourage critical thinking, remind all to think about what matters.


If I Had a Hammer: If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?

This did inspire all of this post. The skill I would most love would be formatting eBooks so I could get more and more of what I think of as my intellectual property out there. Of course, if I were skilled at earning money, I could apprentice and pay some young people to help me with all that stuff.


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