Aging Is Not Easy, A Strengthening Prayer And Six Tips

Whether religious or not, think about this; following her advice will improve your Emotional Intelligence.

Good advice tso strengthen emotional intelligence as we age.

Aging seems easy from a distance. After a certain point, however, each year gets a bit more difficult. Memory lapses,  bodily malfunctions, and loss of control eat at your self-esteem; it takes longer to do less; time shortens as to-do lists grow; resources dwindle; friends die; regrets come calling; pain visits more frequently; and finally, the prospect of death cannot be denied. Takes heroics not to despair or grow bitter as all who live long enough learn.  What to do?

Emotional Fitness Tips And Thoughts

Whether aging or dealing with the aged, these tips ease stress:

Tip one: Practice gratitude whenever you can.  Say a silent “Thank you” when little things go your way:  when you find something to laugh at, when a moment of beauty visits, when you are pain or stress-free, or when life hands you a bit of chocolate.

Tip two: Remember what matters. Be clear about your priorities and where you put your energy. Family and friends come first but also make time every day for you.

Tip three: Beef up your self-soothing skills. If you haven’t checked out my Four Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises Page, go there now. Want more? Go to my eBook Self-soothing How To Create Calm in Your Life. At $2.99, it costs less than a movie and introduces you to 22 self-soothing exercises.   

Tip four: Forgive yourself. Start small, review the past few days?  Who says you offended them? Make an amends; apologize, even if you don’t quite get what you did wrong. “I sorry, I upset you: I will try to do better” works even when you are not sure you did wrong.

When you cannot make a personal amends or apology, image yourself going to the person and being forgiven. It works best for me if I see myself as a small child asking for forgiveness and being forgiven.

Tip five: Forgive others. Again start small. Review your lists of hurts from the past. Pick one involving someone who was more loving than hurtful. See that person coming to you, asking you to forgive.  Offer a hug of forgiveness and say the word’s “I forgive.” Again what works for me is to see the person as a small child who had not yet learned to control their behavior.

Forgiving at its most basic means not seeking revenge. Seeking revenge mires you in hate, hurt and anger; not healthy.

Tip six:  Do what you can, as you can, and the best you can.  That is all any of us can do given who we are, what we have and the struggles we face.

Thank You For All You Do

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P.S. I shortened the prayer so it would fit the dimensions of a Poster Coach. You can read the entire prayer here Praayer of an Anonymous Abbess

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