A Daily Prompt response. Emotional Fitness what others call Emotional Intelligence demands some self-awareness. Knowing the seasons of your life is part of this task.

Believing in santa, being santa, looking like santa.

A good one for the men. Image by

All the ones for women seemed to revolve around menapause.  This was the funniest or so I thought. Asian-aging

  Appies to all women, at least the weight gain and bone loss seem to.  I am no longer a towering woman, and can look most average size men in the eye; once upon a time I looked down on most.
Image by Japan Crush

The Daily Prompt:  that inspired this post: For many of us the seasons are changing, bouncing unpredictably between cold and warm. Are you glad to be moving into a new season, or wishing for one more week of the old?

Emotional Fitness Thoughts

The Daily Prompt as applied to aging from the perspective of a 76-year-old.  You want a younger body, you do not want to be invisible, you want your knowledge respected, and you want many, many more years of the good life. In the end, however, as for anyone past adolescence, living the good life is mostly a matter of your attitude and what you do to stay strong.

Laughing helps me stay stronger as I tumble down-hill.  Explains why I try to start most of my posts with a laugh even when I have to make them up.

Here is laugh poster I put together when someone under thirty dissed me. Thankfully most of the people I know under thirty nurture me,

Quotes about youth to

Here is another of my laugh posters edited down from a longer post sent me by  high school friend Jack Simcox.

Joke about the dog food diet.

Watch for the opening of Emotional Fitness Training’s Store November First. This and other EFTI posters will be featured.  Weekly free-bees and those that are not free  will cost less than a latte and sustain you longer. Visit the store now to learn a bit more about Emotional Intelligence. 

STAY Strong

Laugh and play is one of Emotional Fitness Training, Inc. Twelve Easy Exercises.  As long as you can laugh part of the day and mainly at yourself, you are emotionally fit.
The healthiest laughs are when you can laugh at yourself. The least healthy mean jokes directed toward others.
Thank you for all you do. And share if you think another will find this useful. That will be practicing kindness if only to me.


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