BREAKING THE RULES WITH AWARDEE NUMBER FIVE.  Rules are often made to break.  That’s why there is a list of Ten you aren’t supposed to break and a Golden Rule which really covers them all.  I preached and preach four rules: Respect yourself, respect all other living creatures, respect property, respect (reasonable–killing someone because you didn’t feel respected or they believe in another G-d are not reasonable) laws.  My four rules also govern my shrink think–crazy is cruelty to self and others, sanity is being as kind as you can.

Anyway the rules of the Liebster Award say the blogger must have fewer than 2oo subscribers and by my wildest guestimate, this one probable has thousands.  I am breaking the rules, not for her but for you.  Laughter is one of my Daily Twelve Emotional Fitness Exercises. Life is a major struggle; and for those in the not yet on the downhill slope, believe one who is–it only gets harder, so learn to laugh, particularly at yourself. If you can’t laugh. you shrivel up and turn to dust.  So do what I do every day unless the sky has fallen and people are dying all around me, when I need a laugh, I read  ( Drum roll) The Laughing Housewife. 

Here’s a joke from the Laughing Housewife that had me rolling on the floor and wiping away the tears because if so fffffing true.  Tilly–that’s her real name says “This is from Michelle in South Africa.”  Tilly collects jokes from others and lots of people send them to her.   Tilly apparently also has a I am not a verse. but I’ve been too busy to visit that one.  Maybe that has fewer than 200 subscribers, probably not.  Whatever, here is the joke:

Why the old are rich:

Silver in the hair
Gold in the teeth
Crystals in the kidneys
Sugar in the blood
Lead in the ass
Iron in the arteries
And an inexhaustible supply of Natural Gas.

With it was a cartoon  So here is her link so you can see that or read some of her other posts.

In case you have no idea what I am talking about, here is the original post.  My way of giving a shout out to the other awardees.

Katherine Gordy Levine aka Emotional Fitness Training, Inc.  Bragging, but so grateful to blogger Christine Elaine King whose blog  burningbridges for making me one of her nominees for this award.  Chris is one of the people I met on the Daily Post Challenge.  She is one of a slew of people I met blogging daily and reading what other bloggers posted.  She is also one of those  (as is the Laughing Housewife) who make me green with envy because her blogs are witty, thoughtful,  impeccably written and I want to write the way she writes. 

The rules of the Liebster Blog Award are when you receive the award, not only do you have less than 200 followers, but is designed because someone believes that you should have more. That, and, you should link back to the blogger that nominated you (yours truly) and nominate five more. Let the nominees know of course that you nominated them.

However,  doing the above is not one of the great commandments.  Pass the award along if you wish and to whoever you wish and if you don’t wish,  don’t.

Here are Chris’s nominees:

Colleen Brown at
Katherine Gordy Levine at
Jackie Paulson at
Joss Burnel at
Cecilia G at

Jackie and Joss are well-known to me as they are also people have met through the Daily Blog Challenge.  Colleen and Cecilia I plan to get to know.

And here are my nominees

Two from Second Life to encourage you  to visit that virtual reality.  For at least two years I was flying around Second Life in the guise of Ladykat Tigerpaw.  In between, computer crashes and moves, I lost my password and although I made a few efforts to recover it, I never succeeded and as much as I enjoyed my visits there, it was very time-consuming and one of the things about being 74 is time becomes very precious.  But so are two of the friends I met on Second Life and these two have blogs that give a flavor of the joys virtual reality can offer. I am giving them in the order in which I first met them.

Daniel Voyager.  A teen I met on the Teen grid :

Fran Babcock a therapist. Here is her blog.

My third  nominee is Ayelet.

My fourth is also a Daily Post Challenge Friend.   Here is his blog.

My fifth as the above noted, I have made my decision.

I want to shout out one other person.   A parent advocate when I first knew her. she continues to pursue being there for parents of seriously challenged children.  She has a blog, but is currently  pursuing her life dream of getting her college degree and not posting a great deal on her blog. So you might enjoy meeting her on Facebook.  She  is one of my Be With Beauty Photographers and is open to meeting Met fans, but mostly there to help parents of challenged children.  She is a single parent who has been there and knows the struggle. Her name is Suzanne Joblonski.

So thank you again Chris and happy blogging to all.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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