Another day, another MRI (via HeatherBlog)

Reading blogs like Heather’s only affirms my fiath in people’s strength. So many endure so much with quiet grace. Heather is one and I am grateful to her for sharing, grateful that the internet opens people’s hearts one to another and allows us to affirm each other. Thank you Heather.

I had a tough day today. I woke up uncharacteristically blue, and I felt a little "disconnected" all day. At first I blamed it on my neighbors' garage band. They've become superb musicians over the past year and a half. But at 3 a.m., noise is noise. (Seriously, Carl and Dave!!) Then I blamed it on our dog-sitting client, Ice. He has a bit of a barking habit, which kicked in this morning at about 5:30. (Seriously, Ice!!) Then I blamed my malaise … Read More

via HeatherBlog

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