This article claims curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, but assures success.   The article is a short one.  Only four points. the picture echoes one of the points in the article , “Surround yourself with people not like you.” Liked that one. The second point  that won my applause was: Learn from children.   And if you are rushing and don’t want to read the article.  Here are the other two points in my words: Ask real questions, not show off ones.   Don’t be afraid of not knowing.  For a bit of elaboration, here is the article.

How to Succeed at Almost Anything – Forbes

I suspect the article was written by someone with a high tolerance for uncertainty.  That means her curiousity has served her well.  The cognitive theorist Jerome Kagan believes we are born with a greater or lesser ability to tolerate what we do not understand–meaning the new, the strange, and the uncertain.  Some of us rush toward new experiences, others take their time and move more slowly toward what is new or strange, and finally some prefer the familiar.  So don’t be too hard on yourself if you prefer the familiar.  The fact is we need the old and the new, not just the new.  We need the curiosity and caution.

Finally, the magazine was written for business people and at least in today’s culture the new is promoted.

STAYING STRONG TIP:   In many ways we are creatures of our temperament.  Some are shy, some are bold, some are active, some not.  Most who study human development agree there are nine Temperament traits.  Temperament is one of the things he looks at in deciding what has made a person who they are.  Now some traits can be modified, but not totally.  I am shy, I have always been shy, but I also love connecting with people and that means my shyness has been moderated.  Still there are situations where I can freeze from shyness.

What’s the tip.  Learn about the nine traits.  Think about which ones seem to dominate you or those you love or work with.  You will understand more and understanding yourself or others makes life and relationships a bit easier.

PRACTICE KINDNESS: Kindness circles back and blesses you.  Be kind to me share this post.

Thank you and stay strong, I am trying.


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