Are You OCD? Become More Self-Aware, Improve Your Emotional Intelligence:

Funny test to see how OCD you are

Everyone wants some order in their lives.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not always a disorder. It can be a highly marketable skill. Think of the Military where following rules predominates. Or how about accounting and computer programming where attention to detail matters.

As with almost every mental health disorder, the key question remains how does the person function in real life.  When you are in the middle, you probably function normally. Why the Buddhists preach moderation. Move out toward either side and trouble brews.

Strong self-soothing skills moderate most disorders. So if you haven’t peeked at this link, or  downloaded EFT’s  free Tiny eBook, Creating Calm  do so now. For more advanced skills buy EFT’s e-book Self Soothing Create Calm in Your Life .  Better than a latte and costs less.

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