Laughing Improves Critical Thinking – Why It Is Sometimes Banned


Funny quotes about politics

Think about the truth in political humor.  Some laughs are created  because they contradict the tried and true views of life. Some mock reality. Others, like Knock -Knock jokes play on words. Truth lies somewhere in all humor, it is either ignored, twisted, or hidden in other ways.

Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one: The more dictatorial the state, the more humor is banned. Beware of people and places who cannot laugh at themselves.

Tip two: Shrug off offensive humor. Also be aware of Political Correctness banning words found offensive to many. Better to shrug off words and worry more about actions.

Tip three. Look  for the truth in humor. Doing so exercises your critical thinking. Critical thinking is the core skill exercised by the emotionally intelligent. Take a moment now, to look again at the jokes and what truth are they hiding.

Laughing is a Self-Soothing Exercise. For more ways to soothe troubled waters, buy EFT’s eBooks Self-Soothing to Add Calm to Your Life.  It costs $2.99 and costs less and soothes more that a latte.

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Even the most learned researchers and therapists quarrel about much.  Take their advice and mine carefully.  Don’t just listen to your heart, but also think; don’t just think, listen to your heart.  Heart and head working together increase the odds you will find useful advice amid all the promises and hopes pushed at you be others.  As others have noted, take what seems useful, leave the rest.

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