Focus, breathe in, hold, enjoy, breathe out, smile, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”

Image by me.  The birds have returned.  I hear them more than I see them-yes even with my diminished hearing the chirping comes through.  This robin wanted to let the sunshine in which is why he was clinging to a still bare tree.  Few bare trees left am thinking of shifting to blossoms soon.

If you want to be a Be With Beauty Guest Photographer, just send me a jig peg attachment–[email protected] and tell me how you want to be cited.  So many amazing photographers out there and I’d be happy widening  to your  exposure.  Pun intended.

By the way what happened to the Copy Blog feature?  It was helpful and I no longer have it.  I’d like to post three Be With Beauty a day–it is an important Emotional Fitness Exercise.  It takes more time if I have to copy everything and for this old one time is fleeting and precious.  It would at least help to have the heading and tags reposted.  Anyway, enjoy, share, care, and stay strong.

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