Focus, breathe in, hold, enjoy, breathe out, smile, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”

Thank you Susan Joblonski for becoming one of my Be With Beauty Photographers.  This was taken at the  Brooklyn Botantical Gardens.  Susan has a blog, she is the single mother of a challenging and challenged son.  Both ardent baseball fans.  We met when we both worked for the Mental Health Association of New York.   We are both learning disabled and Susan after many years of discouragement is on her way to her college degree.  She has a blogI you might enjoy reading.  She has recently moved from Queens, New York to New Jersey and the blog is about that journey.

Want to share your nature pictures on Be With Beauty?  I can get them off Facebook or you can email them to me as a jpeg or gif.  Also let me know what you would want said about you.   If you want to add some words of your own or link to your blog, even better.  Your sharing helps me strengthen my blog as strengthens you.  Caring and sharing is an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  Thank you for caring.


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