Breathe in, focus, hold, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”

Called by the photographer “Enjoying the Sunset.”  My mother had a great love of sunsets and shared it with her children.  In fact one of my first words was “Yun Yet” which my family teased me about for years; the teasing  didn’t destroy my love of beauty and sunsets and this picture brought back lots of good memories.

Image: By the husband of my college roommate who said not to clutter the picture with his name.  I am so happy he has agreed to let me share his pictures.  He is talented photographer.  For now I will identify his pictures as Mr. Birdman’s.  Thank you.

Hope others of you will consider sharing you pictures as a part of my Be With Beauty Exercise. .

Care, share, stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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