Breathe in, focus, hold, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”

Called by the photographer “Egret and chick.”   I thought this celebrated not just nature’s beauty, but spoke to the beauty of parental nurturing.  Parents are blamed and shamed far more than applauded and lauded.   This picture lauds.

As I have started a Be With Beauty Album on my Facebook Page and started it off with flower pictures, I plan to devote the rest of this week to bird pictures all by the same photographer, hope this will encourage people to post their pictures either as  Be With Beauty  picture on my blog or on Facebook or on their own social media.  When we care enough to share we grow stronger.

Image: By Mr. Birdman.   Thank you, again.

Hope others of you will consider sharing you pictures as a part of my Be With Beauty Exercise.

Care, share, stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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