Turn this picture into an Emotional Fitness Exercise: Breathe in, focus, hold, focus more, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”  

Mr. Birdman at it again.  Thank you friend.  This is a Josuha Tree.  I believe it was taken at Death Valley.  Josuha Trees are considered the oldest still living trees.  Grow in harsh conditions which should remind us “What doesn’t kill us, strengthens us.” 

Hope you will consider sharing your pictures as a part of my Be With Beauty Exercise.  You can send the pictures, add them to my Be with Beauty Post Album: I can harvest them  if you are on Facebook: I can get them from Kodak or Picasa;  haven’t figured Flicker yet, or you can email them to me in Jpg.  I won’t use any without permission and will only name you by name if that is what you wish.  Looking mainly for pictures of nature but there is beauty in other things. I also am interested in what I call Uncommon Beauty. 


Care, share, stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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