Turn this picture into an Emotional Fitness Exercise: Breathe in, focus, hold, focus more, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.”

ROCK WEEK  MAYBE ROCK MONTH continuing.   I love rocks. Rocks tell the story of our physical world.  In Colorado the Great Plains end where apparently another  continent drifted into what at one time was the end of our continent.  The initial folds are visible as we enter the foothills and then the road cuts show the layers of time.  For now I am going to offer a week of photos from the various canyon lands to the south and west of us.  All pictures taken by David or me unless otherwise identified.

Hope you will consider sharing your pictures as a part of my Be With Beauty Exercise.  You can send the pictures in jpeg: I can harvest them  if you are on Facebook: I can get them from Kodak or Picasa.  I won’t use any without permission and will only name you by name if that is what you wish.  Looking mainly for pictures of nature but there is beauty in other things.  I also am interested in what I call Uncommon Beauty.  Some may feel pictures of rocks are not beautiful; I do, but I also accept they may belong in the Uncommon Beauty class.  

Today’s picture shows a cliff that also shows both the layers of silt and ash and other stuff as well as the effects of water erosion.  The rock eventually tumble down and in more time than we can hold in our mind eventually become gravel, sand, or dust.  Awe inspiring to be part of a universe so filled with patience and creativity.    


Care, share, stay strong.

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