Be With Beauty

Breathe in, hold and focus, breathe out, smile, say ahhhhh and thank you.

Colorado has short summers and all make use of every ray of sunshine and inch of ground.

This is a double layered Emotional Fitness Exercise for me as it draws on a good memory; good memories keep us  emotionally strong.   This picture  was taken at an Ice Cream Festival in the local park two blocks from our apartment while Max and Zach were visiting.  Amy, Dan and Ben joined us.  The park was full of families and kids and entertainers.  Max became a hero with a bunch of local kids by letting them ride his Hot Wheels.  David and I sat on the benches in one of the gardens which is where I took this picture.   Also have some pictures of wild flowers  and spectacular scenery taken on Mount Evans when all seven us treked up  there by car.  Will post in time.  Meanwhile enjoy.

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