Turn this picture into an Emotional Fitness Exercise: Breathe in, focus, hold, focus more, think about what matters, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.” 

ROCKING ON WITH CEMETERY ROCKS  Some may think this an exercise in Uncommon Beauty, but I always loved and found peace in cemeteries. Felt I had connected to souls I never knew  as well as to those I knew and loved.  This picture of a wooden cross in a once rich cemetery captures a lost love.  Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Suzanne Joblonski and I am reposting it as it needs more viewing, and a strong reminder of  what really matters. 

 Hope you will consider sharing your pictures as a part of my Be With Beauty Exercise.  You can send the pictures in jpg. I can harvest them  if you are on Facebook. I can get them from Kodak or Picasa.  I won’t use any without permission and will only name you by name if that is what you wish.  Looking mainly for pictures of nature but there is beauty in other things.  Also seeking what I call Uncommon Beauty so share your take on that.

Being With Beauty is one of the Twelve Daily Emotional Fitness Training Exercises.  Beauty is easily found and just as easily over-looked.  Some people keep pictures of beauty were they can see them often.  Besides pictures, I have piles of sea shells, and rocks scattered around my apartment.

When stress or negative feelings visit me, taking a few moments to look for beauty, take a Calming Breath soothes my body and reminds me to focus on what matters. Rocks remind me that life goes on and forces other than our own intent, create and shape; we are a part of that whole so what we do matters for the here and now, the people we meet, the good we do.

IMAGE BY: Suzanne Joblonski.  She is a single mother, parent advocate, writer–you can befriend her on Facebook. She recently moved from New York City to New Jersey.  More pictures of cemeteries in decline from and in a far from  upscale city.  Waiting for her to tell us where.

I have a several  more from both Suzanne and  Mr. Birdman; but  if you have some pictures of cemeteries e-mail me a link; I would like to keep this subject up a bit longer than a week.

Care, share, stay strong.

Agree or disagree, comments are always welcomed.

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