Turn this picture into an Emotional Fitness Exercise.  As you look at it : Breathe in, focus, hold, focus some more, think about what matters, breathe out, say “Ahhhhh” and “Thank You.” 

ROCK WALLS– MAN-MADE   This one was taken in Chester, England by the man who flies all around the world.  Thank you Mr. Birdman.  My novel is about Britain when the Roman Empire had left Britain, but had returned in the form of the Roman Church.  The wall built to keep the Picts out, was not just a wall, but every so many miles was topped by a small fort  or lookout.  As amazing as the Roman Roads and Walls found in Britain are the ancient wooden roads built by the Celts and pagans were equally amazing and a few have been uncovered today.  The pagans were weakened by the Romans who like the Taliban destroyed the icons of the cultures they conquered, but were ultimately wiped out by the Roman Church.

This is a repost, because the wrong picture showed up on Postaday.  An old picture.  Copy a post doesn’t always work properly.  Lets see if this does it.

A new Be With Beauty picture is posted almost every day.  I take many, but also want others to become Be With Beauty Photographers.  Any one interested in sharing their pictures should contact EFTI at [email protected]  Pictures you want posted can be sent to that address in  jpg or gif format.  Given permission I can also harvest pictures from your Facebook, Picasa, or Kodax accounts.  If you give me that permissio or send me a picture, you should  include  a note\ stating how you want to be recognized.

Not all pictures will be accepted.  Nature pictures, Pictures reflecting the Weekly Photo Challenge Topic are most acceptable, but also looking for Uncommon Beauty Pictures.

Thich Nan Hahn’s tells us “The rose is in the garbage, the garbage is in the rose.”  As the link shows he was thinking about our tendency to think in dualities–a habit that is very limiting and part of the human tendency to make things simple or worse to divide people into categories.  The purpose of my Be With Beauty Exercise is to have you exercise the ability to find  beauty in uncommon places.   Beauty soothes.

IMAGE BY: Mr. Birdman

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