Be With Beauty

Friend posted this on Facebook.  Suspect she is on her way to  or has reached her vacation destination.  Puerto Rica.  Stole if from her, knowing she would give me permission to use it.  Thank you, Elizabeth.  Enjoy.  Breathe in, hold, focus, breathe out, say “Thank you.”


  1. i like this thought and this image. when i lived on the navajo reservation, something i heard a lot has stayed with me. “walk in beauty”. for me, it reminds me to live gracefully every day.

    • Thank you Hilary. I think the line from a poem “She walks in beauty like the night” was such a reminder for me. And a another poem that meant a great deal to me said when you have little left you should “Buy Hyacinths for your soul” And them my mother love sunsets and passed that love on to me. Stay strong.

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