NEW TOPIC:   The Weekly Photo Challenge suggests a subject each week.  The next five days I am going to post on the  topic: Between.  This picture is a baby held between Mom and the world.  For this one, Breathe in Focus, Hold, Think about the wonder of life becoming.  Breathe out.  Smile and say “Ahhhhh” or thank you.

STAYING STRONG TIP: Exercise wonder, stretch your mind.  This is bit like being with beauty, one of the 12 Daily Emotional Fitness Exercises.  You can exercise wonder by exercising your curiosity.  Or just taking a moment to think about how incredible so many things we take for granted are.  Look at the stars think of the worlds and worlds above and beyond us.  Look at your hand, think about how incredible it is, how many things connect and combine to move a finger.  When you take the time to wonder, you know you are part of something grand and glorious.

IMAGE BY ME  Gabriel and his Mom.

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